The Guggenheim Museum Helsinki

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationEvanston, United States
CompanyMyefski Architects
Lead ArchitectJohn Myefski
Design Team Brian Wagner, Josh Sacks, Chris Myefski
ClientSolomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

The Guggenheim Foundation sought a design for
a waterfront museum with a year-round focus on
culture and entertainment to serve as a
central gathering place for residents and
visitors. Pulling inspiration from the Finnish
countryside, the landscape mimics a large
tapestry of fabric, ebbing and flowing with
the rolling plains and low hills. In an effort
to bring that natural beauty to the downtown
area, the design imagines taking the fertile
countryside and lifting it onto the site.
Keeping the traditional Finnish philosophy of
every man’s right to roam in mind, the design
begins by creating an integrated pedestrian
connection. As one travels up the path toward
the hillside and over the exhibition space
below, the landscaped rooftop lends itself to
the overall experience of art, architecture,
and the vista beyond.

Turning the traditional layout of a museum
inside out, the design provides visitors with
an experience that alternates between interior
and exterior spaces. The interior of the main
exhibition hall can be viewed from the pathway
outside as one circulates around the large
architectonic form. From there, the design
unfurls into several natural gathering spaces
where museum visitors can enjoy where the city
meets the water.