Guangzhou Science City LN Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
CompanyVantree Design
Lead ArchitectMuchuan Xu, Yingxin Zhu, Minxi Cai, Junjie Li
Design TeamQijun Lu, Lingjing He, Lihua Chen

Area: 35021 square meters LN Residence is located in Guangzhou modern science park, Guangdong Province, China, where is the central area of the development strategy in the east of Guangzhou and the demonstration base for the development of high-tech industries. The Residence inherits Lingnan's hospitality, it has not only the warm living of cutting-edge fashion, but also the star quality service of LN Hospitality. There are one room and one living room, two rooms and one living room, three rooms and one living room in the Residence, 64-140㎡ in every room.