A Scene of Woods

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationTaichung City, Taiwan
CompanySun-Life Interior Design
Lead ArchitectSheng-Hsin Hsu

The wood pathway on the main route is fully covered with blinding, and the random rock in the landscape is like dots, connecting people. The view is breath-taking, you simply can't never get enough of it. From the refection, the buildings along the pond is so fascinating that the visit here becomes totally with worthy. The building with pointy roof has some kind of esteem purpose. The front door is made of cedar and the frame is made of glass, and when you step inside the building, more than half of what you see is enormous embedded glasses, bringing in the nature sunlight. There's a bright pathway connecting these back to back buildings, so when people walk along, the pointy roof design, the sunlight coming in through the glasses, it's unlike anything you've ever seen in your life, absolutely stunning. And the design team made a square courtyard right in the middle of the rooftop, floating in the air, when looking up, it's like a delicate flower in your hand, fragile but full of hope. The design here well interprets the humanities that's beyond the installment art.