Butterfly Studio

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyValerie Schweitzer Architects
Lead ArchitectValerie Schweitzer AIA
Design Team Valerie Schweitzer, All Phase construction (bridgeport Ct)
ClientSuzanne urwitz
Project Videohttp://

Inspired in part by the closing of a butterfly's wings and other organic forms, this 300 sq ft art studio and private office for a family home in Westport Connecticut provides a serene refuge. Like shards protruding from the earth, the studio's angles panels clad in stucco and recycled teak, impart a primitive and futuristic quality at the same time. The structure exploits the potential of glass, wood,and steel. The expansive skylight of steel and thermally- insulated glass eliminates the need for day lighting, even for an artist, and creates an airiness despite the small floor plate. This is furthered by the sealed poured concrete floor. Due to the skylight and narrow windows, there is a strong sense of privacy, and being intentionally hidden from the rest of the world. cross-ventilation is achieved by carefully placed windows, and a half bath is included.