Shanghai Baoye Center

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture
Firm LocationHangzhou, China
CompanyLYCS Architecture
Design TeamRUAN Hao, ZHAN Yuan, Gary He, LI Yan, TONG Chaochao, JIN Shanliang, Devin Jernigan

Situated on an “L” shaped site cut out of a
trapezoidal plot, the project is shaped by
lofting the maximum footprint of the site
into a 5-story envelope, and then pushing and
carving the form from the exterior, creating
a singular form that operates as three
separate buildings connected by floating
walkways on several levels. The main building
mass contains office programs and a roof
garden, while the ground floor is a landscape
which connects several spaces into a free-
flowing, semi-public experience in balance
with the unique form of the building.
Parking, an employee cafeteria and coffee
shop, health spa and dormitories exist in the
basement levels, lit by daylight from the
various sunken courts carved from above.

Besides, the elevation design is a
breakthrough to the standardized uniformed
elevation of contemporary office building.
Under the “maximum office space
availability”, office buildings nowadays
are always stacked by standardized plan and
elevation. In this project, besides the
“promenade plan” that mention before, the
elevation consists of modularized shading
panels. There’re around 26 kinds of
different panels gradually flows on each
level. These panels have different slopes,
which changes the height of windows and
controls the interior daylight condition.