Lake Merritt to Bay Trail Connection Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationBerkeley, United States
CompanySteven Grover & Associates
Lead ArchitectSteven Grover
Design TeamShivang Patwa, Yang Ming, Oscar Tsai, Emily Marsh, Gita Khandagle
ClientCity of Oakland, California, United States

The Lake Merritt to Bay Trail (LM2BT) Connection will close a key gap in the regional pedestrian and bicycle transportation network. The bridge weaves over and under a series of structures and rights-of-way, each of which have specific land-use and geometric constraints. These constraints inform the overall design and structure of the graceful S-curve bridge. Starting at the Lake Merritt Channel trail, the bridge will thread under the I-880 freeway, cross the channel twice before spanning over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and the Embarcadero roadway. The curves present users with a constantly changing viewing “tour” of the Oakland Estuary skyline, while multiple water crossings give users opportunities to look over from varying vantage points. The south approach to the bridge starts at the belvedere of another bridge currently under construction – an innovative solution which eliminates nearly two hundred feet of approach ramping. The LM2BT project will provide a safe, grade- separated, ADA accessible route that will connect the Lake Merritt Channel trails and the San Francisco Bay Trail system. It will improve transportation and recreation options for people of all ages and abilities, and link neighborhoods and destinations such as transit stations, Jack London Square, Chinatown and Brooklyn Basin.