Cannon House

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationBeirut, Lebanon
CompanyDomaine Public Architects
Lead ArchitectKarim Fakhry
Design TeamRami Khoueiry Jean Nmeir
Project Videohttp://

A client’s desire for an expansive outdoor program allows for contextual integration within its larger site, while maximizing the benefits of potential environmental strategies. By elevating all primary functions, the ground floor is liberated from all construction. It is transformed into an expansive lush garden, an extension of the Mexican jungle. The terrain is left almost untouched, accommodating the various gardens desired by the client. The elevated program is punctuated by a series of small courtyards, where coconut trees mimic the surrounding flora. Natural shading, rain protection and natural ventilation are hence maximized. The courtyards allow for passive cooling by capitalizing on the differential air pressure. Additionally the positioning of windows within the house complements the passive cooling strategies. The courtyards also divide the public, private and service components. This programmatic differentiation enables a unique varied visual experience from the different parts of the house.