PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationCalgary, Canada
Lead ArchitectBen Klumper
Design Team Ben Klumper, Dustin Couzens, Nicholas Tam

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Type: Multi-Family | Size: 20 units
| Year: 2016 | Developer: rndsqr

bv20 reconsiders the stagnant multi-family typology
proliferating much of Calgary’s residential market. Formally,
the building builds upon Bankview’s hilly topography, as well
as its diverse demographic and community oriented lifestyle.

Capitalizing on nearly 20 feet of elevation change from the SE
corner of the site to the NW corner of the site, the parkade
resides at grade pushing the rear units of the building up,
resulting in a terracing effect that helps to democratize both
light and views for most of the units.

Building upon this, the requisite landscape requirements and
amenity spaces intertwine into a vibrant socialscape that
encourages spontaneous interactions amongst the building’s
inhabitants and fosters opportunities for communal gardening,
walking the dog or just getting a breath of fresh air.

Celebrating the fact that the building challenges the typical
four-storey box by incorporating 3 ‘topographic bars’, the
building’s material palette accentuates this condition by
alternating between weathered cedar siding and vertical
aluminum grating. Various varietals of climbing foliage will
eventually cover this vertical screen, providing both privacy for
some of the units, as well as points of interest along the