Mariposa 1038

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
CompanyLorcan O'Herlihy Architects
Lead ArchitectLorcan O'Herlihy
Design TeamLorcan O'Herlihy Nick Hopson Alex Anamos Dana Lydon Donnie Schmidt Jessica Colangelo Jennie Matusova
ClientMana Hale, LLC

As one of the densest neighborhoods in the
country, Los Angeles’ Koreatown is at the
forefront of changing modes of contemporary
urban living. LOHA’s design for Mariposa1038
plays with this burgeoning area’s density with
a pure cube extruded to fit tight on its lot,
and then formed to gesture back to the public
street and surrounding context.
To blur the distinction between the public and
private sphere, LOHA pushed the cube inward on
each of its sides, creating curves that grant
relief from the sidewalk and return portions
of the ground plane to the public realm.
Balconies and window frames project outward to
recapture the space between the new geometry
and the property edge. Due to the building's
curves, LOHA offers each balcony a unique
depth and view.
The white skin, reinforcing the purity of the
structure's form, is broken by a rhythm of
select black treatment to the protruding
boxes. Throughout the day, the movement of
dark shadows across the white and black
facades activates the project with a dynamic
sense of constant rearrangement.
Internally, LOHA’s carved opening creates a
central focal point for the building’s
interior organization and lets natural light
into the courtyard.

Lorcan OHerlihy Architects [LOHA] engages the ever-changing complexities of the urban landscape, embracing architectures role as a catalyst for change. With a conscious understanding that architecture operates within a layered context of political, developmental, environmental, and social structures, LOHA seeks to elevate the human condition via the built environment.