Where The Eagles Dare

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationPalma De Mallorca, Spain
CompanyGRAS Reyn
Lead ArchitectGuillermo Reynés
Design TeamÁlvaro Pérez
Project Videohttp://

The private residence on a hill top in Mallorca has a spectacular 360° panoramic view but also keeps privacy at the same time. The house "flies out" of the mountain with a magnificent cantilever that leads to more distance from the street and opens the view to the valley and sea. There is no border between interior and exterior, it is all a big lounge space. The first floor is the "eagle", the part of the house that is leaving the mountain and creates a dramatic, unique effect. The garden design is based on a traditional Mallorcan terracing system. The choice of materials for the house reinforces the concept. The white Krion coating the first floor provides lightness to the design, and not less important, less weight to the structure. The ground floor is mostly glass, both windows and façade, protected from the direct sun by the cantilever of the first floor, which makes the house extremely efficient in summer, providing shade and cross ventilation. WHERE EAGLES DARE a house with connection to the sky. A nest in the mountains. A house that wants to fly and leave the hill by cutting out it's natural connection to the ground.