Villa Tannay

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationGeneva, Switzerland
CompanyLrs Architectes
Lead ArchitectLaurent Lin, Alain Robbe, Rolf Seiler

Located in an angle plot of a low-density residential neighborhood, this family house defines, by its cross form, a diversity of exterior spaces and variety of outside living. The entrance, located on the north side, opens generously to the intersection and to the public park, while the private garden areas, are naturally oriented south and south-west. Resembling a folded ribbon, the project creates generous open passages between interior and exterior spaces that are completely unlocked by large sliding doors. The ground floor houses the living spaces in a sequential configuration in the form of « z », also including a guest room. The upper floor rationally aligns the two children bedrooms and master-bedroom in connection to a big terrace with views to the lake of Geneva and the Alps. The structural expression of the cantilevers, the wooden formwork of the concrete as well as the facade in dark cedar, give this house a brutalist and contrasting expression.