Dujardin Mews

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Social Housing, Winner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyKarakusevic Carson Architects
Lead ArchitectKarakusevic Carson Architects`
Design TeamMacreanor Lavington Architects. East Landscaping (Public Realm).
ClientLondon Borough of Enfield
Project Videohttp://

Dujardin Mews for the London Borough of Enfield forms the first phase of the wider regeneration of Ponders End. The first social housing delivered by the authority in 40 years, this exemplar scheme provides 38 new homes for the community and a benchmark for any future development for the wider Borough. The remediated brownfield site, previously occupied by Gasworks, has been transformed to create a new dual sided streetscape, public landscaping and children’s playarea. The project is built on a forgotten, difficult and hard to access rectangular plot land next to the recently completed School, industrial warehouses and the rear gardens of the residential neighbourhood. Dujardin Mews was a study into the use of leftover public sector land to create a new community and streetscape. In this challenging context, the scheme uses a modified mews street typology to establish permeability through the site and re-link pedestrian connections north and south. The development is a mix of 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom dual aspect homes with generous amenity spaces, including terraces, courtyards, balconies and spacious back gardens. The scheme showcases how robust detailing, high quality materials and elegant design can create a domestic and intimate character that draws inspiration from the typical London Street.