[Willy Yang Architects & Planners - Flowing Paperscapes of the War Memorial - COVER IMG] Flowing Paperscapes

Flowing Paperscapes of the War Memorial

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Other Landscape Architecture
Firm LocationYilan County, Taiwan
CompanyWilly Yang Architects & Planners
Lead ArchitectTsung Wei Yang
Design TeamZi Ling, Wei. Janmichael Antoni.
ClientCultural Affairs Bureau, Yilan County, Taiwan

To preserve the importance of the Paper Mill, this landscape was designed with concept of papers; delicate yet flexible, transformed into waves of landscapes that continuously flow, directing the axis of the park also depicting uniqueness of papers, creating the flowing paperscapes. To commemorate the victims of the air-raid during the War that took place on the site, the landscape was designed in a geometric array to resemble the scars that were inflicted to humanity, gradually healing through the soothing waves of the flowing paperscapes, moving forward to the new world but never forgotten.