Skatepark Maribor

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Other Landscape Architecture
Firm LocationMaribor, Slovenia
Lead ArchitectMateja Katrasnik
Design TeamPolona Lipicnik
ClientMunicipality of Maribor

The shape of the sport facility is designed according to the existing tree-fund, divided in 3 zones. Polygone consists of 2 units –Plaza and Bowl. Clubhouse is placed between skatepark and new landscape design with benches and paths that follow the basic idea of placeing a skatepark as a park in green. The largest skatepark in Slovenia, first one made in shotcrete technique. From a landscape design perspective, it generates a new public space in a green area. The deprived part of the city gets the new starting point for the regulation of the new recreation zone along the green belt.