PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationZagreb, Croatia
Lead ArchitectAndrija Rusan, Nikolina Mikuličić
Design TeamPetra Franić, Tomislav Marjanović
ClientCity of Pleternica

Bećarac square is located in Pleternica, small town in Slavonia, Croatia. The task was to create a contemporary museum which will tell the traditional heritage of bećarac in modern setting. Our effort was to create a new urban element without which the town couldn’t exist in its full sense. The museum building is sunk into the ground and its roof is gradually rising up providing an auditorium. From the top of amphitheatre you behold the colored, irregular surfaces which evoke Slavonian fields seen from above. This is not a museum with a square, but rather a square with a museum.