Mengzhuiwan Upgrade and Renewal Program in Chengdu

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
Firm LocationChongqing, China
Lead ArchitectZuo Xiu
Design TeamLiHui,LiYansa,TianLe,ChenAonan,HouMaojiang,LiDandan,ChenCheng,JiangJunfeng,ZhangJunjie LongBo,LiMiao,HuXiaomei

The designers reviewed its original space layout and ecological conditions, and decided to keep the local culture, aiming to revive the site with modern design and advanced technologies, and to bring about a colorful living space. The inclusive cultural and natural environment boosts the development of the site, creates a fun destination, and enhances the business values of the area.the project creates better living conditions for the residents, improves the urban image, brings about clear industrial layout as well as social and economic benefits,sustainable, healthy development of the city.