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Photography credits: João Morgado

Al Shaheed Park II

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationKuwait, Portugal
Project locationKuwait
CompanyTAEP - The Associated Engineering Partnership / AAP - Associated Architects Partnership
Lead ArchitectTAEP - The Associated Engineering Partnership

The park is the second phase of a green belt that surrounds Kuwait’s business center. Extending phase I, a network of walkways and running tracks, multiple green pockets, and a continuous water element stitches the different programs. A wide waterfall starts the park and connects to the underground parking that is covered by a green roof and a water mirror with an open-air museum of Kuwait heritage buildings. A 550sqm multipurpose hall, mosque, kiosks, and greenery spread near the eventful running water that ends in an open amphitheater looking onto a big lake completing the story of water.