[Laboratorio Di Architettura Semerano - Landscape redevelopment of “Punta Meliso”, S. Maria di Leuca  - COVER IMG] The gate of the Hill, bottom view/Courtesy of Toti Semerano Studio

Landscape redevelopment of “Punta Meliso”, S. Maria di Leuca

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Other Landscape Architecture
Firm LocationLecce, Padova, Italy
Project locationSanta Maria di Leuca, Lecce, Italy
CompanyLaboratorio Di Architettura Semerano
Lead ArchitectToti Semerano
Design TeamSalvatore Musarò, Riccardo Catamo, Stefano Sabato, Ludovica Fava
ClientAlboran Real Estate

The renovation project of the former Colonia Scarciglia involved the refurbishment of the entire original volume. The current project aims to reduce the existing volume by making the hill reappear, an intervention where architecture dialogues, integrates, blends with the landscape. The project is divided into private functions, the "Lido" which includes swimming pools, fitness, spa and restaurant services and a bar, and public functions such as the Museum of the Sea. In the recovered landscape a single element stands out, a Tower of great symbolic value, the gateway to the hill above.