Urban Design of Former CRRC Industrial Estate

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
Firm LocationChengdu, China
Lead ArchitectGang Liu
Design TeamGang Liu, Yin Zou, Jia Yu, Ting Lei, Yijia Li, Yiming Han, Chuijing Kong, Renke Liu, Xincheng Jiang, Ran Tao, Xin Xu, Shangfeng Li, Weitao Liao, Xi Niu

Chenghua district, as historical industrial base in Eastern Chengdu, has collected many manufacturing companies. Apparently, CRRC Industrial Estate which provides abundantly distinctive architectures and landscapes is an important component of Cheng Hua District through the last 66 years. Nowadays, with the “Transformation of Chengdu Northern City” being carried out by the government as urban renewal policy, how to preserve and reuse the huge amount of industrial remains instead of simply demolishing these cultural relics has become a significant issue in urban development.