[Cliff Garten Studio - Suturis - COVER IMG] Photographer- Jeremy Green


PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationVenice, United States
CompanyCliff Garten Studio
Lead ArchitectCliff Garten
ClientJay Paul Company and the City of Sunnyvale, Arts Commission

To provide a link between the Technology Campus and the City of Sunnyvale, three linear parks establish an entry and public right of way through the Campus, connecting pedestrians and cyclists to the Light Rail Stop in the north. The landscape sculpture Suturis joins landform, planting, and sculpture in a series of overlapping lines, planes and forms that create a place for rest and connection, in the unlikely site of the parking lot. The sculptures which are also landforms wrap the participant in north and south entry enclosures, linked by a continuous series of earthworks, paths and seating.