[Alterstudio Architecture - Cuernavaca Residence - COVER IMG] Cuernavaca Residence, photo by Casey Dunn

Cuernavaca Residence

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationAustin, United States
CompanyAlterstudio Architecture
Lead ArchitectErnesto Cragnolino
Design TeamKevin Alter, Tim Whitehill

The Cuernavaca Residence features a restrained vocabulary of rift sawn oak, mill finished steel, galvanized metal panels, and variously textured concrete that creates an environment rich in texture and animated by sun and shade over the course of a day. The house slips between an existing pool house and a magnificent live oak; long views are established to discrete landscapes in opposing directions. Accordingly, the house welcomes engagement with the circumstances of this particular landscape as one moves through the house, providing a sense of the entire property in incidental moments.