Agile Riverside Court

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Residential
Firm LocationChongqing, China
CompanyGND Jiedi Landscape Design
Lead ArchitectQiu Ge, Li Bing,Ding You
Design TeamConcept design: Zhang Yena, Huang Yuling, Qiu Liang, Duan Zongyun, Li Dongmin Garden construction design: Luo Xueli, He Juyi, Liu Yuanting, Zhang Jie, Huang Juan, Li Bo, Xiao Zonglu Plant Design: Xian Tingting Hydroelectric design: Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao
ClientAgile Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Agile Riverside Court is adjacent to Huadu District, with convenient traffic and complete living facilities. It is a brand-new masterpiece created by Agile Group in Conghua. Based on its rich experience in developing several landmark projects in the region, Agile upgraded and optimized the project comprehensively, creating a stereoscopic and diversified space. The dynamic water scene is combined with the simplest architecture, presenting a modern, international, advanced, and artistic site to enjoy an aesthetical experience.