[1819 - Escent Park Ville Chiangmai - COVER IMG] swimming pool under exciting rain tree

Escent Park Ville Chiangmai

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Residential
Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
Lead ArchitectPalang Sittithaworn
Design TeamThunhapol jungsangasom,Kanogkan tungpanyalert,Wichan saekong
Clientcpn residence

The project area has many rain tree that can develop as a landscape feature of project. Keep exciting rain tree is main priority. The designer designed hardscape to combined with tree. Provided multi level for connect building space to soil level. The design concept is "Rings of tree" here referring "The age circle of Rain tree" has been transformed into a design line. In order to be outstanding in the context of the area in new ways and promote the surrounding area. element such as pavilion, guard house and swimming pool are related design to building elevation that use colonial style.