[Liminal Architecture - Freycinet Lodge Coastal Pavilions - COVER IMG] Photography by Dianna Snape.

Freycinet Lodge Coastal Pavilions

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Small Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationHobart, Australia
CompanyLiminal Architecture
ClientThe Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT) Destinations

Liminal was commissioned to deliver nine pavilions for Freycinet Lodge on the East Coast of Tasmania, Australia. The Coastal Pavilions provide a point-of-difference to the 60 cabins established as part of the 1990’s development. Inspiration taken from the unique coastal setting in Tasmania’s preeminent National Park has influenced the architecture and interior of the pavilions. The siting and form-making takes its cue from the fluidity, layering and interplay of the coastal rock formations, while the materiality responds to context and place.