[DMAC Architecture - BOUTIQUE STUDIOS AT MIDTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB - COVER IMG] Design by DMAC Architecture / Photography by Anthony Tahlier


PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Rooms and Zones
Firm LocationEvanston, United States
CompanyDMAC Architecture
Lead ArchitectDwayne MacEwen

The 200,000sf Midtown Athletic Club & Hotel transformed what was the largest indoor tennis club in the country to the largest lifestyle center in the country. The new design choreographs movement throughout the Club and Hotel, each space being distinctive yet cohesive in materials, details and thoughtfulness. The Club spans 3 levels to achieve the ultimate fitness experience, featuring boutique studios, a turf field that extends to a terrace for the best city views, a hydrotherapy pool with cascading waterfalls, and a Spa/Salon zone with elegant globe lighting clad in soft white goose feathers.