[John Wardle Architects & NADAAA in collaboration with Oculus - Tanderrum Bridge - COVER IMG] Image: Kristoffer Paulsen

Tanderrum Bridge

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
Firm LocationMelbourne, Australia
CompanyJohn Wardle Architects & NADAAA in collaboration with Oculus
Lead ArchitectJohn Wardle, Nader Tehrani
Design TeamJWA: John Wardle Stefan Mee Mathew van Kooy Adam Kolsrud James Loder Paul Bickell Stuart Mann Ruairi Molloy Sharon Crabb NADAAA: Nader Tehrani Arthur Chang Parke MacDowell Nick Safely Thomas Tait
ClientDevelopment Victoria

Tanderrum Bridge links Birrarung Marr with the Melbourne Park sports precinct creating a major arrival address. The design is slender and elegant, a flat steel girder structure that tapers at its edges to span across Batman Avenue. The undercroft follows the slope of the existing landscape, eliminating low forming spaces and settles the bridge into the landscape. The lightweight filigree character of the structure provides framework for a journey which branches into a connective path, providing views toward the Yarra River, Birrarung Marr and the city.