WeTown by Avoid Obvious Architects

Wetown - A Green City For 40000 People

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning
Firm LocationKowloon, Hong Kong
CompanyAvoid Obvious Architects
Lead ArchitectVicky Chan
Design TeamVicky Chan, Emily Manasc, Richard Alomar, Erik Madsen, Leo Lei, Angela Au, Allen Au, Ian Renton
ClientAuguston Town Development Inc

WeTown provides a sustainable, walkable and healthy city for 40,000 residents in Canada. Reducing our reliance on automobiles, the project provides a walkable loop to connect 36 buildings of apartments, offices and retails. The 8-minute journey from home to work will be filled with greenery, healthy activities, and excitement. Different outdoor and indoor strategies are designed to promote an active lifestyle. Smart system is also deployed to reduce water consumption, increase energy efficiency and promote local food.