[Archillusion Design - Casaplutonia Resort - COVER IMG] Central Swimming Pool and Portal / Artur Nesterenko

Casaplutonia Resort

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
CompanyArchillusion Design
Lead ArchitectArtur Nesterenko

CasaPlutonia is an architecturally innovative resort, redefining the more traditional concept of a retreat by inviting guests to restore themselves in a sanctuary, fostering synergy among spirit, nature, and high design. Inside CasaPlutonia's Euclidean Platonic geometries augment an understanding of the desert’s planar dimensions and provide guests with the increasingly rare opportunity to recover their well-being, discover their creative muse, or derive inspiration from a breathtaking desert sunset or ponder the infinite magnitude of a solitary Joshua Tree.