[KG Mimarlık - Kumport - COVER IMG] Büşra Yeltekin


PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Industrial Buildings
Firm Locationİstanbul, Turkey
CompanyKG Mimarlık
Lead ArchitectKurtul Erkmen
Design TeamBüşra Yeltekin, Emre Yiğit, Türker Fırat, Tilbe Hazal Ağaoğlu, Melis Kanadıkırık Savaş, Mesut Özlem, Serhan Günal
ClientKumport Port Services and Logistics Industry Trade Co.

The subject is the design of a group of buildings with a total of 6000m2 while rethinking the port and facilities. Headquarters, maintenance facilities, workshops and storage areas determine the main components of the design. The open space, of 126000m2 in total, is split between customs and duty-free areas. The main visual characteristic of functions, such as entry and exit of goods, is a space filled with containers. The visual effect and strong image, created by these storage boxes that vary in color but are repetitive in a certain size and form, are highlighted in the headquarters building.