[Dark Arkitekter - Agropolis - COVER IMG] AGROPOLIS / DARK Arkitekter


PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning, Winner in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationOslo, Norway
CompanyDark Arkitekter
Lead ArchitectLine Hellum Fomenko
Design TeamArchitects at DARK: Line Hellum Fomenko, Signe Ludvigsen, Ragnhild Pedersen Foss, Arne Reisegg Myklestad, Nicolas Rudolph. Interns: Ingrid Hove Viljoen, Amanda Sophie Holst. Lark Landscape: Kari-Elisabeth Haugan.
ClientVestaksen Eiendom - Morten Hotvedt CEO

In the future, land use and how we produce our food will be two of the most important issues. Agropolis aims to investigate the potential of urban living and food production with the neighborhood integrated in the farm. Using farmland more efficiently and by shifting to more intensive farming, from monoculture to biodiversity, the amount of food produced on the site can be multiplied many times. The community of 800 households will employ a farmer to be responsible for food production in green houses and outdoors. Inhabitants will have the option to take part and produce their own food.