[Göbl Architektur Zt Gmbh - Wine Cellar Dockner - COVER IMG] Credit: Bruno Klomfar

Wine Cellar Dockner

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Agricultural Buildings
Firm LocationWien, Austria
CompanyGöbl Architektur Zt Gmbh
Lead ArchitectMag. Arch. Lukas Göbl
Design TeamAndres Espana, Oliver Ulrich, Miljan Stojkovic
ClientWeingut Familie Dockner GmbH

The Dockner Wine Cellar is a modern utility building, optimizing business to ensure sustainability and resource conservation. The building is divided into three height levels. All walls are of visible concrete. Upstairs, gold-coated panels are used for interior insulation and, downstairs, Brucha panels. Outside, a curving wall with the “Winzerhof Dockner” lettering leads the way inside. Visitors are greeted by a room filled with wooden wine barrels and steel containers, pierced at the center by a rectangular atrium. Lighting rails illuminate the barrels.