[superkül - Aesop Queen Street West - COVER IMG] Material contrasts translate into a warm and dynamic experience: historic elements of exposed brick walls and refinished maple floors are complemented by new features such as blackened steel fittings and the felt and steel display wall. Photo by Ben Rahn.

Aesop Queen Street West

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Lead ArchitectAndre D'Elia
Design TeamAndre D'Elia, Meg Graham, Sonia Ramundi, Gil Komet

The Aesop store on Toronto’s Queen Street West captures the intrinsic qualities of its location, drawing on the site-specific cultural history and natural landscape features of the neighbourhood. Showcasing an Australian luxury skin-care line, the highly evocative and richly textural space combines old and new: existing maple flooring and original red brick together form a substrate for a clever display system comprised of layers of industrial felt and blackened steel. Enhanced by the Aesop fragrance, the compelling spatial and material qualities of the store engender a heady sensory journey.