[Matsuya Art Works / Ktx Archilab - The Racket Submarine - COVER IMG] ©Stirling Elmendorf

The Racket Submarine

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationHimeji, Japan
CompanyMatsuya Art Works / Ktx Archilab
Lead ArchitectTetsuya Matsumoto
Design TeamMotoaki Takeuchi, Farid Ziani, Homare Hattori
ClientWada Sports

The interior of Wada Sports new flagship store has a gigantic elliptical metallic structure whose role is both building and embodying the racket fixture. The rackets are arranged in series, perpendicular to the customer, and made easy to pick up one by one to feel the difference of touch, thickness, and weight. Above, the elliptical shape is used as a display of various valuable rackets collected from all over the country. This collection transforms the shop into a museum of rackets. In this design, the rackets are not only products but the tectonics that defines the space itself.