[Seferian Design Group - Queen's Square Restoration, Cambridge, ON - COVER IMG] McNeil Photography

Queen's Square Restoration, Cambridge, ON

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Small Scale Landscape Projects
Firm LocationBurlington, Canada
CompanySeferian Design Group
Lead ArchitectBrad Smith
Design TeamSarah Lynn Saari, Lindsey McCain, Kathy Zhu, Kenric Tsui
ClientThe City of Cambridge

For nearly 200 years, Queens Square has been the heart of downtown Cambridge. This urban plaza forms a key linkage in the open space system of the city, joining the Cambridge Main Street Bridge and the Grand River to the east and Memorial Park to the west. The main goal of the project was to respect the Square’s original design intent while improving the functionality and aesthetics of the site. In addition to repairing the concrete fountain and replacing surfacing and structures, the design team worked to increase accessibility and ease of pedestrian circulation.