[Lisha Chen, Ting Chen - Gather and Reside——Museum of Huizhou Architectural Culture - COVER IMG] Gather And Reside——Museum Of Huizhou Architectural Culture

Gather and Reside——Museum of Huizhou Architectural Culture

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Tall Buildings
University/SchoolNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lead ArchitectLisha Chen, Ting Chen
Design TeamFan Chiao-Yun, Lisha Chen, Ting Chen

Ancient Huizhou Building is located in the mountain. We place the skyscraper in Yellow Mountain, which is famous for its pines and sea of clouds. Starting with gather and reside as the design concept, Huizhou Architectural culture center, the skyscraper full of regional culture, will strengthen modern people's attention to tradition. In this project, we have integrated the important elements of Huizhou ancient buildings, such as Ma Tau wall, window grilles, gatehouse, patio, etc. to the stack combination in vertical height, remodeling a vibrant and commemorative Huizhou Building System.