Light Symphony

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Recreational Architecture, Winner in Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Designs, Winner in Architectural Design / Installations & structures
University/SchoolNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lead ArchitectTang Jui-Feng
Design TeamTang Jui-Feng, Ma Lang-Wen

Music has reflected our sweet and bitter moments of life However, most of us take it for granted and then neglect its importance. Announced by Beijing Hearing Association, there are over 72 million people in China suffering hearing loss, which is over 20 per cent of the total population with impaired hearing in the world. However, the loss of hearing leads directly to the enhancement of other senses, especially vision and feeling, therefore, we focus on utilizing chromatic light as well as the mobile phone to provide dual perceptions so that those deaf people can feel the music.