[Architekturbuero Herbert Bruhin, Siebnen - Switzerland  - Concrete house Aeugst am Albis - COVER IMG] Concrete house Aeugst am Albis - south elevation with entranceway as seen from the gravel path / Photo Basile Bornand

Concrete house Aeugst am Albis

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Single Family
Firm Location8854 Siebnen , Switzerland
Project locationAeugst am Albis, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
CompanyArchitekturbuero Herbert Bruhin, Siebnen - Switzerland
Lead ArchitectHerbert Bruhin
Design TeamCollaborator: Marcel Walker; Construction management: Marc Krammer; Structural engineer: Hartung Bauingenieur GmbH; Interior landscaper: Creaplant AG; Building services engineer: W+L Partner AG; Building physicists: Amstein + Walthert AG; Photographer: Basile Bornand

This exceptional detached house is situated in an upscale residential area and boasts glorious views that are incorporated into the design. The exposed concrete façade and recessed lift-and-slide windowed frontage together create a covered terrace that extends the interior space out into the surrounding landscape. The west wing contains the living space, dining area and kitchen. The south wing is home to the children’s and guest bedrooms, with the master suite above. On the side of the house facing the hill slope is a delightful surprise: a lush interior garden at the heart of the building.