[Aidlin Darling Design - Art House - COVER IMG] Matthew Millman Photography

Art House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Single Family
Firm LocationSan Francisco, United States
Project locationSan Francisco
CompanyAidlin Darling Design
Lead ArchitectJoshua Aidlin
Design TeamMichael Pierry, Cherie Lau, Brent Grubb, Julia Arria

Conceived as a modern interpretation of the Victorian townhouse, this home honors the Bay Area’s legacy of craftsmanship. The front facade is modest-in-scale, taking proportional cues from the neighboring homes. Poured-in-place concrete masses are complemented by a delicate brise-soleil that transforms harsh sunlight into a filigree of light and shadow.The rear facade is four stories of glass with panoramic views. The lowest floor opens to a landscaped oasis. There was an emphatic focus on creating a timeless home that is impeccably crafted out of materials that will age gracefully.