[Cliff Garten Studio - Corridor of Light, North Lynn Street, Rosslyn, VA - COVER IMG] Photographer- Jeremy Green

Corridor of Light, North Lynn Street, Rosslyn, VA

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Infrastructure
Firm LocationVenice, United States
CompanyCliff Garten Studio
Lead ArchitectCliff Garten
ClientArlington County Cultural Affairs Division

Corridor of Light is an urban plan for a synthesis of sculpture and lighting infrastructure in Rosslyn, VA. The first component of this infrastructure plan is a site-specific LED light painting titled Gravity and Grace (img 8-10). This ever-changing artwork relies on algorithms to interpret real-time, environmental data into geometry and color. The second part of this project is Esplanade Bridge, in which the transparent volumes of four gateway sculptures’ inner and outer forms fill with sunlight during the day while at night LED shows light take over to produce a dazzling spectrum of color.