[Lisha Chen, Ting Chen - The Tower of Buddhism Light - COVER IMG] The Tower Of Buddhism Light

The Tower of Buddhism Light

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
University/SchoolNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Lead ArchitectLisha Chen, Ting Chen
Design TeamChi-Shan Chen, Lisha Chen, Ting Chen

Temples are losing their position in this area when cities rapidly changing. Where will places of worship go in urbanization? Extracting lights of temple as element, the Tower of Light, where urban religious activities taken place, combines modern technology and Buddhism. The main space of this tower is 卍, meaning reincarnation, that people can easily notice once look up. And the lights made of colorful acrylic weaken the impact from city, of which light and shadow moving during the day. When falling into trouble, sponsor lights in the Tower of Light, and get the way to success.