[Studio Chris Fox - Interchange Pavilion - COVER IMG] Interchange Pavilion by Studio Chris Fox. Photography Josh Raymond

Interchange Pavilion

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture
Firm LocationSydney, Australia
Project locationSouth Eveleigh, Sydney Australia
CompanyStudio Chris Fox
Lead ArchitectChris Fox
Design TeamJustin van Ryneveld, Yuxiao Wang, Tommaso Pagani, Simon Giang, Harry Stitt, Tina Salama, Gabriele Ulacco
ClientCommissioned by Mirvac, Curated by Carriageworks

‘Interchange Pavilion’ is a meeting place where paths cross. Peeling from the ground plane, geometries arc overhead creating an embracing volume. Inspired by the precinct’s rail history, Studio Chris Fox used the form of the railroad switch; the point where a train changes course. The archetypal image of the railroad conjures a vast collective memory; nostalgia of an industrial age. It is designed to engage the local community; to pique curiosity about the site’s unique history. The pavilion is a tribute to the diverse stories and journeys of people connected to the Eveleigh Rail Yards.