[Plan Architect - Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel - COVER IMG] Ketsiree Wongwan,Srirath Somsawat

Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyPlan Architect
Lead ArchitectSinn Phonghanyudh
Design TeamWara Jithpratugs, Somsak Shanokprasith, Paveen Rojchanavisart , Ponlawat Trakulwattanakit , Sitthinon Chanchaiworawit
ClientSiam Sindhorn Co., Ltd.

The Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel, owned by The Crown property bureau, is one of the masterpieces building in Sindhorn Village. The site sits on Langsuan road, flanked by two highrise buildings and the main green area of the project known as "super green". As a representative of the wellness city hotel, the building's design approach is to interact with the frontage green area, to create distinctive recreational space and garden view terraces. These will make the guests feel intimate and being a part of nature.