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Photos by Andrey Avdeenko

Wabi Sabi Apartment

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Residential
Firm LocationKyiv, Ukraine
CompanySergey Makhno Architects
Lead ArchitectSergey Makhno
ClientSergey Makhno

The design of the 195sqm apartment is based on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, a philosophy derived from Buddhist teachings that accepts transience and imperfection, and celebrates natural objects and processes. Designed by Kyiv-based architect Sergey Makhno for his own family, the home boasts a roof terrace, an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area, multiple art pieces, and numerous articles of furniture designed specifically for the apartment by Makhno. A palette of dark colors and rough textures has been used to foster a calm and meditative mood.