PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationKaraj, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanySaffar Studio
Lead ArchitectAhmad Saffar
Design TeamNavid Shokravi - Marzieh Estedadi - Bahar Mesbah - Sepide Ordobadi - Ali Gholami - Mohamadreza Vatani - Roya Sokouti - Parisa Shamchizade - Dorsa Pasandide - Soheil Zamanloo
ClientNexa Group

The idea of the presence of the apartment yard in the body of the space has been done by transferring the inner space of the yard in the plans to the sides and the body of the building form, to create large multi-functional green spaces. What finally emerged is a picture of a vertical garden that seems to raise a pavilion in the sky. In honor of the old Iranian gardens and the mythical role of the cypress plant in the history of Iran, which is famous for its permanence, stability and evergreen, we named it ‘Sarvestan’.