[OOPY Arhitectura - Delta Boutique & Carmen Silva Resort - COVER IMG] Main Facade

Delta Boutique & Carmen Silva Resort

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationBucharest, Romania
CompanyOOPY Arhitectura
Lead ArchitectArch. Octavia Popeea / Arch. Iustin Popescu
Design TeamArch A . Aprodu Arch A. Navarca Arch V. Barladeanu A. Serban Cilea Urb A. Nicolae Techn R. Pacurar Techn M. Florescu Eng M. Popescu Eng B. Dumitrescu Eng M. Chirianu Interior designed by Studio3Plus

The project consists of an ensemble of buildings in the village of Crisan, located on the Sulina Channel in the middle of the Danube Delta Biosphere, a unique natural reserve in Romania, part of the Unesco World Heritage site. Mindful to the expression of local traditional architecture, our aim was to create a modern space with archaic flavor, a transpotition of traditional local architecture in contemporary times. Blue framings and white walls highlight the traditional architectural elements. Foundation design Prof.Eng. Coman Mihai Ludovic PhD Construction SC Tehnitech SRL Photos by Mihai Covrig