[Zephyr(us) Architects P.C. - Stacked Boxes in the Backside city  - COVER IMG] Photo by Weiqi Jin

Stacked Boxes in the Backside city

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationTaiyuan, China
CompanyZephyr(us) Architects P.C.
Lead ArchitectChing-Chyi Yang
Design TeamLead Architect: Ching-Chyi Yang/Yuansheng Lei ;Design Team: Ekaggrat Kalsi/Fan He/Qianqian Liu/Zhenhua Liu/Xiaoyan Zhou/Tony Cao;LDI:Yuangou Architects & Consultants/Curtain Wall Consultant: BEI JING DAYUAN ENGINEERING CONSULTING Co.,Ltd/Interior Design:GUANGZHOU BILL DO DESIGN/Lighting Design:PROL/Landscape Design:Loma Group
ClientVanke Taiyuan:Jin Ma/Lifang Jiang/Yuqun Li

The 2400㎡ building grows from some approaches. As part of industrial and urban renewal, it inherits the genes of boxes used for backside train station storage and transportation of garments in the nearby wholesale clothing market. Sitting by the elevated ring road, these new boxes signify a new urban impression of this area. At the neighborhood scale, it provides an urban plaza for the community. Finally, the project serves as main gateway to a newly constructed residential community.These stacked boxes creats a plaza,a playground,terraces,a grand staircase, and a community gateway space.