[EDAA + Yupica  - At The Table With Rapitae - COVER IMG] Yupica / Onnis Luque

At The Table With Rapitae

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm LocationMexico City , Mexico
CompanyEDAA + Yupica
Lead ArchitectLuis Arturo Garcia + Yupica
Design TeamNayeli Flores, Juan Hernandez, Seidy Barbosa, Luis Pacheco, Pedro Vazquez, Fernanda Martinez
ClientMillesime Mexico

At the Table with Rapitae was a 3-day ephemeral restaurant at Millesime’s culinary pop-up event in Mexico City. This was a collaborative work with multimedia artist Yupica, in which visual and multimedia art, culinary-, and sound-art by ChimiJo, are blended into a unique, sober, but complex experience. Rapitae seeks to generate a spatial experience in relation to time. Just as Yupica extrapolates food (rice) to the art field, the chef transforms the most basic food into elements of experience. This is not a restaurant but a common space for delight built out of ordinary and raw materials.