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Hotel Jakarta

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Lead ArchitectBjarne Mastenbroek
Design TeamKathrin Hanf, Theo Tulp, Jurjen de Gans, Gabriel Boutsema
ClientWestCord Hotels

HOTEL JAKARTA is an energy neutral building and BREEAM Excellent certified with 200 luxurious hotel rooms and a sky-bar, all offering stunning views over the river IJ. Unique for the Netherlands is its 30-m high load-bearing timber structure. For 176 of the 200 hotel rooms SeARCH developed 4-star luxury wooden prefabricated modules, all placed on site within 3 weeks. An atrium with subtropical garden is the center of the hotel. It acts as a temperature regulator in both summer and winter. The 4-star hotel houses a dynamic public space built around this central subtropical garden.