[Shanghai PTArchitects - GEMDALE•UPVIEW DEMONSTRATION AREA - COVER IMG] Shrimp Studio / Wu Tao


PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationHarbin, Heilongjiang Province, China
CompanyShanghai PTArchitects
Lead ArchitectYu Xiaolei, Zhang Lifu
Design TeamDemonstration Area: Wang Xin, Peng Xinxuan, Qian Kuan, Li Zongmin, Wang Jie; Region: Wang Gang, Song Ruyang, Yin Zongyuan, Zhu Xinwu, Zhang Shuyi, Guo Mengchan, Zhang Shun, Du Juan

The architectural form is inspired by the imagery of local ice and snow sculptures. Based on creative designs, the futuristic sculpture-like building appearance highlights a lightweight and exquisite aesthetic and a sense of technology. The dramatically-cut form is like a prism of ice and snow, echoing the tough character of Harbin, the ice city of China. Considering that the targeted user groups are urban elites with high intelligence and good taste, the design tries to express more fresh and trendy aesthetics.