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[Harvard University - The Refuge - A Hotel On Stromboli Island - COVER IMG] The Refuge - Patio & Outdoor Pool - Source: Stanislas Chaillou

The Refuge - A Hotel On Stromboli Island

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture, Architectural Design of the Year
CompanyHarvard University
University/SchoolHarvard University
Lead ArchitectStanislas Chaillou

Refuge is a hotel located on Stromboli Island (Italy). This volcanic archipelago welcomes an increasing traffic of tourists, who hike around the crater. Refuge aims at hosting visitors for the night, while offering a respite to the hikers. The scheme uses a circular shape to curate a 360-degree view on the landscape, while sheltering inside a patio and its pool. The circular ring is composed of a sequence of rooms and bathrooms, interrupted by a lobby, meeting rooms, and an amphitheatre overlooking the volcano. As the sun sets, the pool acts as a natural mirror, reflecting the erupting volcano.